Why We Exist

Strategic Dads exists to help you find the practical wisdom and the real hope you need to parent your kids well.


This is a site for dads. We know you want to be a great dad. And it turns out you don’t have to be superhuman to do it. We believe that the best wisdom and hope comes from God—the perfect Father who loves us even when we mess up again and again. It’s not about mustering up endless love or energy on your own. It’s about depending on God—and allowing him to shape the way you relate to your kids.

Where We Come From

Almost 20 years ago, Presbyterian Day School, an all-boys elementary school in Memphis, TN, launched a program to help its students grow into men who understand the gospel deeply, live it faithfully, and share it boldly.

Through this program, we partner with dads, and we’ve seen dads make a huge difference in their sons’ lives over the years. Now, we want to encourage and equip more dads to make that kind of impact through their parenting. That’s why we are launching Strategic Dads as a new ministry—to help dads understand the gospel deeply and learn how to live it faithfully within their families.

Who We Are

We are a collective of dads who live by the grace and power of Jesus Christ. That gives us a great purpose—purpose to rely on God and not ourselves, to put our families before ourselves, and to share what we are learning on this journey with other dads.

We want to share practical help. Ultimately, we believe all wisdom comes from God. That means that God’s Word can guide us through every challenge we face.

We want to learn from you, too. If you have any thoughts or ideas for making this site better, please share them with us.

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