Whoa—Christmas is almost here! Now, how do we lead our families through it? 

Thanksgiving was just a few days ago, but we’re already starting Advent. As dads, we want to take every opportunity to help shape our families’ hearts toward Jesus. Do you have a plan to share the real reason we celebrate Christmas?

There are lots of good resources out there, but if you don’t have one, here is one we used last year at my house. We used this devotional written for families at our school along with a traditional advent wreath, so that our kids (ages 4-15) could all participate in some way. We plan to do the same this year. Maybe this simple Scripture-based devotional can help light a fire for Jesus at your house too. 

This devotional is designed to be something you can do as part of your daily life to build relationships in your family—not another thing to add to your busy schedules. Here’s what each day will include:

  • A short Bible passage to read today (usually about 5–12 verses)
  • An explanation of what we’re focusing on in those verses
  • A couple of questions you can discuss as a family
  • A challenge—a simple way for your children to start living out what you discussed

Every week has a special focus or theme. For the first week (December 1–7), we’re talking about how to make your Christmas matter. To see why Christmas matters, we are looking at how Christmas fits into the story of redemption—a story that stretched from creation into eternity. When we zoom out and see the whole story, we see the real reason that Christmas is so wonderful: it’s when God himself stepped into our broken world to bring forgiveness, healing, and reconciliation.

All the content for this upcoming week is available below, as well as the content for the 2nd week for those of you who like to plan ahead. Check back in over the coming days for the 3rd and final week as well.  

We pray this helps you and your family love each other more and love Jesus more this Christmas.

Our gift to you! Merry Christmas!

Advent Week 1

Advent Week 2

Advent Week 3